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VakıfBank, which was established in 1954 to make the best use of foundation resources in line with the needs of economic development, has been contributing to the development of Turkey's savings level with modern banking methods and practices since then.

Mobile Banking 'Cepte Kazan' Module

APPLICATION; VakıfBank customers can review and participate in the Credit Card campaigns offered specifically to them, view all campaigns, check current reward winnings and spending statuses, and be instantly informed of important developments thanks to the notification feature. In addition, it has been developed so that they can evaluate and participate in offers made specifically for their cards. Development of iOS; It was developed and implemented as Native in Swift and Android Kotlin languages.

e-Government Unhindered Call Center mobile application project. Backend was developed with web RTC technologies.

It's an application that we have developed for TCDD. It enables TCDD to use the document management systems they have used internally via mobile.

Established in 2003, Dinçer Logistics initially focused on chemical and hazardous chemical logistics. Over time, the company expanded its services to various sectors such as construction, plastics and rubber, industrial products, tanker transportation, automotive sub-industry, and plant protection products.​ Providing a wide range of value-added services from raw material supply to storage and warehouse services, transportation to e-commerce, and contract logistics to end-user access, Dinçer Logistics has diversified its offerings across different industries.​

Dinçer Logistics, during the period of digitizing its shipping operations, had the idea for a project called E-Garage.​

E-Garage is an innovative project that brings together drivers carrying cargo and cargo owners, facilitating communication and managing the process. It provides an effective solution in the logistics sector by offering secure payment systems through its infrastructure.​

We were involved in every stage of the E-Garage project, from the conceptualization phase to development. The project was implemented using Flutter for the mobile application and Vue.js for the web application.​

Falcon Aerospace is an integrated aviation company with maintenance/repair/overhaul , air taxi operations and ground services capability under one umbrella.​

Falcon Aerospace approached with requests for enhancements to their websites built with Wix, aiming for a user-friendly and modern front-end utilizing contemporary technology. Following competitor analyses, the website underwent a redesign implemented with Vue.js technology, resulting in a more modern appearance for Falcon Aerospace's web presence.​

Reeder is a technology brand that made its entry into the Turkish market in 2009 with its first activity, an e-book reader. In 2010, Reeder became a pioneer in Turkey as a local brand with its Android-operated tablets. Today, Reeder continues its operations in the smartphone sector as a Turkish brand.

Reeder VIS is an Android software specifically developed for Reeder, embedded in Reeder smartphones. ​

The primary purpose of this software is to enable Reeder customers to access customer services through the application without making direct calls. ​

Additionally, it allows users to track Technical Service services and make decisions regarding exchanges or payments directly through the application.​

ISPER is an organization that provides services to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, its affiliated institutions, and subsidiaries with the slogan "Accurate Solutions in Employment and Workforce Management." It offers qualified workforce support to over 18,000 employees engaged in fieldwork.​

ISPER contributes to employment by bringing job seekers and employers together through the Regional Employment Office. Additionally, in coordination with the Istanbul Institute of Skills and Arts (ISMEK), ISPER aims to create lasting solutions by incorporating the aspect of "vocational training" into employment efforts.​

The aim of the link viewing software service requested by ISPER is to send announcement links to ISPER employees via SMS and track the viewing process of these links.​

The project, whose designs were provided by ISPER, utilized MSSQL as the database, .Net for the backend, and React.js for the frontend technologies.​

Polisan Holding is an Istanbul-based conglomerate. The foundations of the holding were laid in 1956 when entrepreneur Necmettin Bitlis established a textile finishing dye factory.

The growth continued with the establishment of Polisan in 1964 for glue production. Initially focused on producing emulsion resins, the company later transitioned to formaldehyde resins and, in 1985, entered the paint manufacturing sector, expanding its presence in the chemical industry. ​

Polisan Boya also serves as the main company within the Polisan Holding structure.​

PoliClubExtra Mobile App is a loyalty program that allows painters to scan codes on paint cans through the application to earn points. With these points, they can redeem various gifts and purchase paint. Additionally, users can also view social media posts and videos related to the usage of the products offered by the company through the application.​

The initial version of the application was developed using Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. ​

However, due to the loss of functionality in the technological infrastructure and the continuous changes in phone versions, the application was rewritten and updated using React Native technology in the fourth quarter of 2023.​

Founded in 1925, Anadolu Sigorta is one of the first and oldest insurance companies in Turkey. Anadolu Sigorta is currently one of the 3 largest insurance companies in Turkey, with 1,200 employees and 2,500 agencies.​

We successfully implemented the first mobile application development under the name of the "Corensis Airmaster" project for Koç Yaşa, with whom we met with Arçelik in 2022.​

Corensis Airmaster provides allergen information (pollen and mold types) and other air quality parameter levels to its users in a personalized way by correlating them with symptom diary data. The application was developed on Native platform using Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS to remotely control the device and view device data.

Finger Tests developed by KoçYaşa aim to detect physical health needs easily and reliably. This advanced technology, like rapid diagnostic kits, measures certain functions of our body and helps us develop healthy living habits.

After the blood taken from the finger was transferred to the kit, functions such as color tone sorting were performed by scanning the data on the kit with the mobile application. This development service provides the opportunity to view preliminary information through the application with machine learning and doctor analysis. The development of the application was made using Flutter technology. ​

The Cosmetics and Cleaning Products Industry Association (KTSD) emerged in 2010 with the merger of the Soap and Detergent Industrialists' Association (SDSD), which was established in 1989, and the Cosmetics and Toiletries Manufacturers' Association (KTMD), which was established in 1993. The association was established with the vision of being the common voice of the home and personal care industry in legal, scientific and social platforms.​

The general design and development of KTSD's website, Intranet and management panels were completed by our company in 2021. ​

The website we currently provide maintenance support for is developed with Vue.js. ​

Starbucks is a Washington-based multinational company that operates a coffee chain offering specialty coffees, cold drinks, sandwiches, snacks and desserts.​

It has been carrying out its operations in Turkey under Alshaya Group Kuwait since 2003.​

Starbucks has 685 stores in Turkey, 9 of which are Drive Thru stores and 13 of them are Reserve stores.​

7622 field partners work in Starbucks Turkey stores, 6229 of whom have green aprons and 1393 have black aprons.​

Starbucks Turkey has completed the transition process from MICROS Systems Inc RES in accordance with Turkey-specific costing to migrate its POS system to Oracle Food and Beverage Simphony and successfully launched the first store in July 2021. ​

Shaya and Piksel Mutfak teams completed one of Turkey's important and largest Simphony projects within the specified time and in great harmony. ​

Starbucks Turkey continues its cooperation by providing 24/7 maintenance support service to its 550 stores.

ParaPlus is a mobile application developed by Maslak Technology that allows you to track credit cards in different banks from a single point. ​

Maslak Technology was founded in 2020 by Alper Akcan, Tolga Ulutaş and Emre Hayretci. It is a company with a strong team in the fields of digital entrepreneurship, telecommunications, financial services industry, system integration, product management, technology and management consultancy.​

ParaPlus Phase 1 process, a mobile wallet application, was developed as iOS and Android native within a period of 2 months and was successfully completed. The application has been put live and the codes have been delivered to the company.​

Established in the 1950s, Kazancı Holding is one of the leading companies in the energy sector.​ ÇORUH ELEKTRİK DAĞITIM A.Ş. started providing electricity distribution services covering the provinces of Artvin, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Rize, and Trabzon under the umbrella of Kazancı Holding as of October 30, 2010, after the completion of the privatization process.​ FIRAT ELEKTRİK DAĞITIM A.Ş. commenced electricity distribution services covering the provinces of Elazığ, Malatya, Bingöl, and Tunceli as of December 31, 2010. This service was taken over by Fırat Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş., a subsidiary of Kazancı Holding, following the transfer from the establishment of Kazancı Holding A.Ş., Fırat Aksa Elektrik Hizmetleri A.Ş.​

The Edaş Epsaş applications, developed for Aksa, a subsidiary of Kazancı Holding, provide services to consumers residing in the Çoruh and Fırat regions. Users can log in with personalized user information to access information about their active and past subscriptions, record fault information, make debt payments, and track announcements and outage information through the applications.​

Additionally, the applications include a module for calculating energy consumption, allowing users to view monthly and annual consumption rates and amounts for the devices they use.​The initial version of the applications was developed using Xamarin technology.​

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